Session 2

Diving into Water

How are businesses and institutions integrating the value of water into their operations and decisions?

When: April 13 - 24th

Webinar: 22nd April, 10:00 BST / 12:00 EAT

During this session, institutions from across Africa shared their innovative approaches to integrating the value of water into their operations and decisions. 


These new approaches were represented by three case studies, available in video format. The slides are also available for download.

If you have questions or have case studies or research you would like to share with the community, please see the Discussion Board.

Speakers & Projects

Pearl Gola, UEIP - uMnegni Ecological Infrastructure Partnership
William Ojwang, WWF Kenya: Payment for Ecosystem Services at Lake Naivasha
Beria Namanya and Martin Asiimwe, WWF Uganda: Sustainable Financing of the Rwenzori National Park


2: Video Case Studies

The videos listed below form three practical case studies for the Water webinar session on the 22nd April at 12:00 EAT. Please do watch them if you are taking part in the webinar - they will inform the discussion and presenters will draw upon their examples to explore natural capital approaches to water management in Africa. If you're interested in learning mor, further videos are available on the Discussion Board. 

Francophones: Accédez à la vidéo sous titrée en français en cliquant sur "paramètres /settings" en bas à droite de la vidéo puis "sous-titres". Cliquez de nouveau sur "sous-titre" pour choisir la langue de traduction.

2: Water Documents

For additional information on the video case studies above, these supporting documents are available. 

WWF Uganda. A step-by-step guide to the creation of a payment for watershed services scheme in Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda.

WWF Uganda. An abridged version of the Hydrological and Agronomic study conducted to inform the design and monitoring of the Rwenzori PWS.

WWF Uganda. An abridged version of the Sociological research report that informed the design and monitoring of the Rwenzori PWS.

UEIP: An report from the early days of the partnership, detailing objectives and governance. Useful reading for those thinking of setting up their own partnership. 

UEIP: A five year summary of the partnership, detailing the stakeholders, successes and next steps of the project.


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