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Data for Decision-making

Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) is increasingly being employed by African governments to build a picture of their natural assets and the economic flows around them. Hear from leading experts on the opportunities and trends around NCA on the continent. 



  • Dr. Arsene Sanon, Acting Regional Coordinator for Protected Areas and Biodiversity, IUCN Burkina Faso 

  • Evelyn Atuhaire, Economist, Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment (moderator)

  • Ronald Kaggwa, Manager of Production, Trade and Tourism Planning, National planning Authority of Uganda 

  • Ulrike Troeger, Scientific Advisor, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research  

  • Philippe Puydarrieux, Lead Natural Resource Economist, IUCN 


Webinar & Video Case Studies

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Links & Documents

  • Panellist Ronald Kaggwa discussed several projects underway in Uganda to promote the role of natural capital in government decision making. For more information about this work, you can watch a detailed video presentation and ask questions about them above.

  • Also from Uganda, you can watch this overview of how natural capital accounting is helping decision-making in the Mabamba wetlands here

  • For more information about the Green Values project presented by panellist Ulrike Troeger, which seeks to inform decision making in six African protected areas, see the overview document here

  • More background to Arsene Sanon's work on natural capital accounting in West Africa is available in a blog post from project partners Vito here