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Enabling Change

We know that system-wide change requires innovation and collaboration. In this session, we discussed how stakeholders can continue to grow this agenda together, and promote Africa's green economic future.


This session also proudly hosted the launch of a new regional learning and knowledge platform, the Africa Natural Capital Community of Practice, bringing together professionals from across the continent that are interested in or working on Natural Capital Accounting and the green economy. 



  • Sareme Gebre, Regional Coordinator for Business and Biodiversity, IUCN Burkina Faso  

  • Peter Katanisa, National Program Coordinator, Rwanda Global Programme of Sustainability, and Coordinator of Africa NCA CoP

  • Lewis Akenji, Executive Director, SEED 

  • Sebutsoe Nkoanyane, AfDB / African Development Institute

  • Luther Bois Anukur, Regional Director for IUCN Eastern and Southern Africa (moderator)


3: Video Case Studies

Francophones: Accédez à la vidéo sous titrée en français en cliquant sur "paramètres /settings" en bas à droite de la vidéo puis "sous-titres". Cliquez de nouveau sur "sous-titre" pour choisir la langue de traduction.

Links & Documents

  • Sareme Gebre from IUCN announced the upcoming IUCN Business and Biodiversity platform for West and Central Africa. For more information see the webpage (FR), or email us to be connected with Sareme and team. 

  • Lewis Akenji spoke about the importance of empowering Small and Medium Enterprises across Africa to scale more sustainable business models. Lewis has recorded an in-depth video presentation on the subject especially for the African Forum. You can watch the video above, and visit SEED's website here.

  • Peter Katanisa, of the World Bank's Global Programme on Sustainability, officially launched the African Community of Practice on Natural Capital Accounting. This community is a regional learning and knowledge platform that brings together professionals from government institutions, non-governmental organizations and from academia that are interested in, or working on, Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) in Africa.

  • You are all warmly invited to sign up in your individual capacity at this link. Sign-up includes access to a WhatsApp group. To share further, please consult the Press Release