Our Sessions

The African Forum will be held over a range of formats to allow maximum participation. You are welcome to join any of the sessions below which are of interest to you - but you don’t need to join everything. We want this to be an open, inclusive conversation so do invite your colleagues and partners to contribute!

April 1 - 10

2020 has the potential to launch a new decade of greener, fairer economies. But how can Africa best play a role in leading the charge?

April 13 - 24

Webinar: April 22, 12:00 EAT

Businesses and institutions across Africa share their innovative approaches to integrating the value of water into decision-making.

April 27 - May 8

Webinar: May 6, 12:00 EAT

Agriculture is a critical part of Africa’s natural capital economy, and achieving sustainability is crucial. 

Webinar: June 10, 14:00 EAT

Major development finance institutions in Africa share their insights on integrating natural capital into investments & operations.

 Innovative examples from across Africa of how natural capital can be integrated into infrastructure design and development. 

Webinar: June 3, 12:00 EAT

Infrastructure is crucial to Africa's development - but how can natural processes and capitals be best incorporated to ensure sustainability?

Webinar: June 17, 12:00 EAT

Hear from leading experts on how Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) is building a picture of assets and opportunities on the continent. 

Webinar: July 1, 16:00 EAT

We know that system-wide change requires innovation and collaboration. But how are institutions starting to bridge that gap?