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Investing in Natural Capital for a Resilient Africa



Welcome to the African Forum on Green Economy - a three month online exchange on how African countries are leading the way to greener, fairer economies. Aimed for businesses, investors, policy makers and civil society, the Forum is made up of a series of themed discussions on investing in natural capital for a resilient Africa. Each theme will last for ten days and culminate in a webinar in which you can hear from the experts, share your experiences, and meet other practitioners online.

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Of all regions on the planet, Africa faces some of the most pressing natural capital risks, and yet some of the most clear and compelling opportunities for green, sustainable growth.


Fast growing sectors such as agriculture, forestry, infrastructure and others face significant risks from climate change, biodiversity loss and resource scarcity. Across the continent, businesses need better information to understand and respond to these risks in a sustainable way. Investors also need to better understand their opportunities and risk profiles in emerging African markets, and policymakers need to identify and enact smart legislation that provides natural, social and economic benefits for maximum sustainable growth.

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The Africa Forum is part of the Economics for Nature programme, a six-year project being led by the Green Economy Coalition and its partners the Natural Capital Coalition, the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, WWF France and Finance Watch. The aim of Economics for Nature is to support development, economic and spatial planning processes to internalise the many values of nature.

The Forum is funded by MAVA Foundation and is being supported by IUCN Uganda country office. Other partners who have committed to offering resources and assistance are ACODE Uganda, Balfour Beatty, Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network, the Gaberone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa, GIZ Uganda, Green Growth Knowledge Partnership, Natural Eco Capital Nigeria, UNEP-WCMC, WWF-France and Vital Signs Uganda.

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